Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Characteristics Of A Hero Beowulf And Roberto Clementa

How does one become a hero? Does one need to save the world to be one or fight villains to be considered as one? When people hear the word hero, they would immediately think of superheroes, such as Superman or anyone who fights crime. However a hero is one who caused an impact not only based on fighting, but they are known for their achievements and accomplishments in assisting others who were in need. Owning to the fact that the smallest things heroes do count, even if its not saving the town from a villain. Based on the definition, someone who is a perfect example is Malala. She exhibits the greatest amount of heroism in comparison to Beowulf and Roberto Clemente. To get a better understanding looking back at Malala she exemplifies what†¦show more content†¦Therefore, Beowulf endangered the lives of all in the kingdom and giving Grendel the high chance of success. It was heroic of Beowulf to fight Grendel but the overall reason as to why he wanted to fight, was to prove hi s own physical strength rather than being honorable. Which, according to the definition is necessary to be considered a hero. Therefore, it is clear that Beowulf is not considered the most heroic based on the actions he committed. Additionally, Roberto Clemente is another perfect example towards Malala. Roberto Clemente is a Puerto Rican Baseball; he was known for his kindness and helping out those who were in need. According to the text, it states,  ¨Clemente decided to accompany the relief himself, hoping that his presence would lead to food and medicine reaching its intended recipients.† Clemente shows true pride in helping others in Panama, thats why in this scene he had his thoughts hoping that his plan would go well with his presence. Although both Malala and Clemente committed to the same actions, Malala still continued her journey making changes for any girl in the world. It was heroic of Clemente on helping those in need rather than thinking for himself, but not much detail was pointed out in the text. It was easy for Clemente to help other because he had it all. While Malala didnt have it all, she slowly builds up seeking help as a 16-year-old. Therefore, it is clear that Clemente is not cons idered the most heroic because

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